Join us for an exciting Whale Watching Adventure!!

As we begin our journey across the beautiful Samaná Bay, the excitement of whale watching begins to mount. This is not a mere sail to a pre-determined site, but a true adventure.

First we must locate the whales. All eyes are fixed on the ocean surface as we look for signs of breaking water, or maybe it will be you who calls out the first "thar she blows". At that moment the vessel turns and its full steam ahead, adrenaline runs high as the exhilaration of speeding toward open sea and the light sprays of clean ocean water cool your face... and then..., the engines are nearly shut down as we carefully, quietly approach the siting so as not to frighten the whales.

Now we must wait for that perfect moment as they surface, perhaps waving their tails, pushing their bodies through the surface of the water and jumping for us all to have the thrill of seeing this huge glorious creation effortlessly pierce the sky. You may also experience that heartwarming moment when their young begin jumping and dancing along side mother and father, playing together in the open sea.

The water calms, the whales swim in another direction... but wait... look... over there.... another one! Rev the engines and get ready for another exciting encounter with the beautiful humpback whales of Samaná Bay!!

(Please read "Preserving the Humpback in the Samaná Bay"),

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Safety for our whales and our clients are of highest priority. We are certified tour guides.
The Humpback Whales have been our delight since childhood, who better can give you a wonderful whale watching experience then those that have grown up watching them.

All photos on this site were taken by our whale watchers just like you. But photos as the saying goes, do not do this adventure justice, nor can it show the magnificence of being so close, having that first hand experience watching the humpback whales of Samaná.

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